Nutrition Project

Matovu Joseph Projects 20 Aug 2015

Increasing linkage between Agriculture and nutrition project in Eastern and Western Uganda Using bio fortified varieties The project built its extension approach on partnerships with CBOS based in the target areas which work closely with the respective local governments at sub county levels. CHAIN Agriculture and nutrition specialists worked closely with CBO supervisors and extension workers recruited /attached to the project to execute activities of the project. The specialists trained the extension workers and back stopped them as they trained the community resource persons. They were also involved in organizing planting material distribution, agronomy training, field days, community drama on nutrition, and cookery demos as well as advocacy meetings.Communities were engaged through the identification and selection of pre-existing farmers’ groups. These groups were sensitized to select their contact leaders/resource persons who were trained by the project. Each extension worker oversaw a maximum of 30 farmers’ groups, each comprising an average of 25 members. Each group choose a community resource person (CRP) who was trained in the various aspects in the two components (seed systems and nutrition). In case of Western Uganda, Some groups were trained to become seed producers using the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Model. The influenced beneficiaries would receive messages through field days and community drama to foster adoption in these areas.

This project trained Village health Workers in recommended feeding practices for children under five and mothers. It also encourages demonstration gardens growing Orange Sweetpotatoes which contains Vitamin A, dark leafy vegetables and raising small animals like pigs. It was in partnership with district local government and Uganda martyrs University Nkozi between 2013 and 2016. Funding was from the International Potato center (CIP) with support from European Union.

CHAIN is promoting seed production of local vegetables produced by the department of agriculture Uganda Christian University Mukono. They train the producer communities to properly prepare them and increase shelf life in case of commercialized groups. The activities were funded by Bill and Melinda gates and Government of the Netherlands through promoting local seed business in Western Uganda (2012 to 2016).


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