7 Aug 2015

This is a field visit report on the performance of cassava in the field. This visit was on the 13th/06/2015 in Sonde field in Mukono district. The major objective of this field visit was to see the general performance of the crops by identifying diseased crops, rate of pest infestation, off type cassava crops, growth rate of weed and many others. It involved the farmer who is responsible for the mentainance of these crops by interviewing him through asking him simple questions concerning these crops .

Cassava Field in mukono District

Outcome of this field visit.
Generally in this field, there are two groups of cassava crops whereby, there are already growing cassava crops and newly planted cassava. On the side of already growing crops, the followings were discovered after inspection;

  1. Only one plant was seen with sign of cassava mosaic disease and it was immediately uprooted and destroyed.
  2. 4 plants were seen with signs of cassava brown streak disease. they were also removed and destroyed.
  3. No green mites seen.
  4. 4 off-type plants were seen and out of the 4, one showed signs of cassava mosaic it was immediately removed and destroyed.
  5. Minimal level of infestation of termites as only 4 plants suffered the destruction.
  6. No mealy bugs were seen.
  7. Heavy infestation of plants with white flies.
  8. General plant vigor was good.

On the side of newly planted cassava, the followings were observed.

  1. Almost ¾ of the stem cuttings sprouted and others are still sprouting.
  2. Plant heights were in a range of 1cm-10cm.
  3. Plant vigor is also good
  4. No plant showed signs of cassava brown streak disease.

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