Field monthly report for activities done in Mityana district from 13th -30th may 2015

7 Aug 2015

I start thanking the omnipotent God for all the blessings and gift of life, without which all the successes would have been impossible. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your consideration for internship placement. I also do appreciate work done by the entire staff CHAIN and more so Mr. Charles Aryatuyamba, the nursery operator I work with. .

• Maize project at kunywa farm

Activities done
• Nursery management In Nursery management, I have been involved in weeding nursery, proper arrangement and management of seedling pots and watering. Major seedlings in the nursery bed include tissue cultured banana seedlings, eucalyptus seedlings, passion fruit seedlings, mango and orange seedlings. We also have sweet potato vine screen house where clean vines are multiplied from. Photos showing nursery activities

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